Faith Resourcing Connections, Inc.
Rising Phoenix Retreat Center
13210 Green Ridge Rd., NE
Flintstone, MD 21530

Press Release

April, 2004 “Spirit Among Us” Exhibition Opens

A retrospective exhibition – “Spirit Among Us” –
of works by Martha Tabor, a noted Washington, DC
area artist, will be held at the Rising Phoenix Retreat
Center, Flintstone, MD. The Opening of the exhibit
will be Easter Saturay, April 10th, 2004, with a reception
from 1-5 p.m.

An artist of many mediums, Martha Tabor died in
January, 2004, leaving an extensive collection of her
life’s work to Rising Phoenix Retreat Center, where she
had found solace during her ilness.

This exhibition will feature photographs from Tabor’s
acclaimed series on “Working Class America’, a photo
essay now archived at the George Meany Labor Center;
prints representing the artist’s abiding love of her dogs;
and many unique sculptures, including “Jacob’s Ladder”
and “Crossing Over”. The sculptures speak of Tabor’s
incredible ability to use images from Negro Spirituals
and natural found objects to work her way through her
long, courageous battle with cancer.

The exhibit will continue through July 4th. The public
is invited to visit anytime, however, after opening day it
is advisable to call 1-800-322-1090 to be sure that the
gallery is not otherwise occupied. The Center is available
for church, business or private individual retreats, work-
shops, conferences. More information about the exhibit
and the Center can be found at