poetry quarterly

10th anniversary


Fareedah Allah


6th & K Streets SW, 1944-1955

I got a nickel.
I got a dime.
Gonna beat yo' ass to the store this time.
Be buying licorice sticks, two for a dime.

Give me two licorice sticks,
One peppermint and that
Big dill pickle, over there.
Let me owe you five.
I'll catch you next week when the eagle flies.

Hummmm uh! Looking good!
Here comes that rich boy from across the street.
Hey, Hermes!
I beat yo' ass to the store this time!
Got me two licorice sticks, a pickle, and some
Peppermint. I ain't giving up a thing!

I found me a nickel and a dime.
Old man Pete, let me owe him five.
I beat your ass to the store this time.


Fareedah Allah (Ruby Saunders) was born in Alexandria, VA. She attended public schools in Washington, DC from kindergarten to 8th grade, graduating from Parker-Gray High School in Alexandria. Allah earned a BS in Chemistry and Mathematics from Hampton University and a M.Ed. from Howard University. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority. She retired from the DC Public School system, where she taught math for many years. Allah has been published in twelve anthologies, including We Speak as Liberators, Black Love Poems, Say That River Turns, and Cabin Fever: Poets at Joaquin Miller's Cabin, 1984-2001.


Published in Volume 11, Number 4, Fall 2010.