Naomi Ayala, Guest Editor

Introduction to the Spring 2005 Issue
(Volume 6, Number 2)

Expanding Latino Identity

This issue highlights the work of both emerging and established Latino writers and visual artists. While not wholly representative of the rich mix of Latino ethnicities in the Greater Metropolitan area, these writers and artists do provide us with a window into the wealth and development of the thriving Latino arts community here.

We introduce you to the poetry of an African-American/Mexican, an Argentinean, a Canary-Islander/Catalonian, and two Puerto Ricans. The themes of their work range from cultural identity and cultural affirmation to the translation of class issues into everyday life, the current White House administration, the influence of music in healing kept silences, and the power of claiming one’s spirituality and sensuality.

The visual artists—one Argentinean and two Puerto Ricans—bring us the broad landscape of the indigenous, inside and outside ourselves, through portraits, city- and landscapes, and artistic renditions of hieroglyphs from countries that range from Mexico to Australia. The media through which they speak is as varied as their artistic visions.

Much as in our respective countries, where art and poetry do without borders that divide them, this issue rounds up many mirrors that reflect our people, nuestros pueblos, and our expanding identities.


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John Murillo

For My New Neighbors Who Walk with Purses, Lips, and Asses Clutched Tight as they .....Hurry Past Me on Their Way to Starbucks with a Cell Phone in One Hand and a Leash the Other
Invoking Marvin at Midnight
The President of the Sankofa Society Sheds His Double Consciousness

Melanie Rivera

Last Night

Luis Alberto Ambroggio

New Administration/Nueva Administracion
The Witness Bares His Soul/El testigo se desnuda

Ada Vilageliu-Díaz

Ode to Hairy Women
Passion in Four Movements

Samuel Miranda

Traffic Light Shoot-Out
Greetings from the War
And Miriam Cried
boredom creates opportunity
I Fear the Howling of Hounds