poetry quarterly

10th anniversary


Adelaide E. Cardozo


The main approach to Dunbar High School

Thousands of feet have trod a street
That leads the way to Light;
Thousands of eyes have seen its elms
And gloried in their height;
Thousands of souls have passed that way
With happy hearts and free;
Thousands of days have come and gone
And long since ceased to be.

Many a youth with anxious feet
Has gone that way to Learning;
Many a soul with beating heart
Has passed that street with Yearning;
Many a month and many a year
Hav fled since Youth first trod
That broad street with its arch of trees
Made not by man but God.


Adelaide Elizabeth Cardozo, known as Addie to her friends, was born in Washington, DC and educated at Dunbar High School, where she was president of the Fleur-de-Lis Club and a member of the Short Story Class, graduating with honors in 1923. She went on to enroll at the Miner Normal School, with intentions to become a teacher, and I lost track of her life after that point. But her poem was published in the 1923 Dunbar year book, and reprinted in successive year books for the next few decades. Dunbar, at the time she attended, was generally ranked the best high school for African American students in the nation.

Published in Volume 11, Number 4, Fall 2010.