William Claire



Into how many smoke-stained gin-drenched
back alley low-ceiling joints has he coddled
his old lady, mother, mistress of blurred nights?
Tall, rounder, her skin a polished brown
with an ear open to a gentle,blowing caress;
now all of her fondled: a promiscuous date.
She sparkles as he whispers ardent words
gives her whirl as a warm-up sesson begins
rises to an impassioned pitch as a spotlight dims,
then makes love to her, full-toned, shamelessly,
in stark view of a breathless, panting crowd.

(Blues Alley, Washington,DC)


William Claire was founding editor and publisher of Voyages, a national literary magazine published in DC in the 60's and 70's. He has been a Yaddo and MacDowell fellow and a Rockefeller Foundation resident in Bellagio, Italy. He directed a city-wide festival celebrating Georges Simenon; coordinated the first Folger Evening Series reading, and published books relating to Alan Swallow, Mark Van Doren, and Literature and Medicine: The Physician as Writer (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press). He lives in Lewes, DE, and owns an antiquarian art and book business.


Published in Volume 8, Number 4, Fall 2007)


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