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Summer 2006

Edited by Kim Roberts and Andrea Carter Brown


Table of Contents

I. A Living Coral

Patricia Gray: "Washington Days"
William Carlos Williams: "It Is a Living Coral"              
Baron Wormser: "Washington"
Robert Lowell: "July in Washington"
Sarah Browning: "The Fifth Fact"
E. Ethelbert Miller: "Elizabeth Keckley: 30 Years a Slave and 4 Years in the White House"
Philip Dacey: "Whitman: The Wall"
Scott Hightower: "Dignity at 'Trumpets'"
Linda Pastan: "At the Air and Space Museum"
Kathi Morrison-Taylor: "Bomb Pop"
Joshua Weiner: "National Pastime"

II. Glory

Sterling A. Brown: "Glory, Glory "
Martin Galvin: "The Burghers of Calais"
Bernard Jankowski: "Pay Phone at the Bottom of Rock Creek"
Kenneth Carroll: "Montana Terrace"
Dean Smith: "Bullet Fragments, Mount Pleasant"
Elizabeth Bishop: "Visits to St. Elizabeths "
Peter Desmond: "At the Museum Cafe"
Hilary Tham: "Mrs. Wei on Governments"
Belle Waring:"Storm Crossing Key Bridge"
Star Black, "Glory"

III. Cathedral

Terence Winch: "Cathedral"
Elizabeth Alexander: "Early Cinema"
Karren A. Alenier: "Against the Wall"
Lyn Lifshin: "Ladies Room, National Archives, Washington DC"
Richard Peabody: "I'm in Love with the Morton Salt Girl"
Carly Sachs: "Jack in the Pulput No. 4 "
Simki Ghebremichael: "For Coretta"
Fleda Brown: "Christmas Day in Washington"
Joseph Awad: "Stopping at the Mayflower"
Mary Ann Larkin: "Labor Day at the Shrine of Our Lady"

IV. Playing Ahead of the Beat

Patric Pepper: "Alley"
Thomas Sayers Ellis: "Tambourine Tommy"
Sami Miranda: "The Tecata Dances on Park Road"
Fred Joiner: "Song for Anacostia"
Gregg Shapiro: "The Fortune Cookie"
Brian Gilmore: "billy ekstein comes to washington d.c. (for gaston neal)"
Joe Lapp: "Turning Over the Corpse"
Greg McBride: "Over Arlington Cemetery"
Yvette Neisser: "The Slow Passage to Anacostia"
Andrea Wyatt: "The Cormorants are Diving"

V. Possessed of This City

Evie Shockley: "Cafe Tryst"
Mark Tarallo: "John Hicks at Twin Lounge"
Michael Gushue: "Big Ben's Liquors"
Barbara Goldberg: "Once, the Buffalo"
Rod Jellema: "Washington Migrants"
Derrick Brown: "Missed Train"                                                                  
Naomi Ayala: "Santa Rosa Restaurant"
Miles David Moore: "Full Moon on K Street"
Rosemary Klein: "Cherry Blossoms"
Kathleen O'Toole: "Lectio: Leaves at 150"
May Miller: "The Washingtonian"