Robert L. Giron



I breathe
in the sea wind--
sunlight washes my skin,
like the seagulls I fly towards
the flame.


for Ventura Valdez

Winter light rises up in smoke,
I reach for my cup
to warm my bones--
an extra puff and
stitch, stitch to crochet this quilt.
My crooked fingers frozen by
blizzard snow, the stitching keeps time
with the ricocheting of the cast iron stove.
I breathe in and exhale like the Mediterranean
upon the coast of Spain.
I long for sun, hoping
my quilt will catch the rays.



spirit of death
passes over us,
the omen locks our fate

............el paso, 1981


severed to the spine,
east sun brings no
balm for the bleeding wound

............austin, 1983


the oak topples,
nearly rent in two,
wood shards of yellow glass

............washington, 1991

Judy Jashinsky
Artemisa Poses
80" x 32", oil on wood, 1998
see more work by Judy Jashinsky




Keeping in step with
time, she endured.
A boulder beneath
angels' falls.

Gray crossed brown,
branches of twilight
nesting on her head.

Tranquil she seemed,
yet storms of anguish
lodged in her side.

Sentry of her garden,
she pulled weeds
choking flowers
of her content.



i dream with the sun ray on my face and feel warm
i walk upon the desert sand in search of hope but
find only broken arrows and bones no longer ivory
now brittle like teeth gnashed to fight the pain
of flesh skinned for hide; the souls of countless
tribes echo amongthe rock in the shadows of the sky
i dream with the sun ray on my face and i feel cold



Robert L. Giron is the author of five collections of poetry: Impressions françaises [French Impressions], Wrestling with Wood, Recuerdos [Memories], Metamorphosis of the Serpent God, and Songs for the Spirit. His latest work is an English translation of noted Mexican novelist Jesús Gardea's posthumous poetry collection, Canciones para una sola cuerda/Songs for a Single String, which was one of three finalists in the Violet Crown Award for Literary Prose/Poetry, sponsored by Barnes & Noble and the Texas Writers' League in Austin, TX. He writes in English, Spanish, and French. He is a professor of English and creative writing at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, MD, and is the founder of Gival Press.

Published in Volume 6, Number 3, Summer 2005.


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