poetry quarterly

10th anniversary


Heather Davis



A 94-year old man sits at the top of gray porch steps
determined to caulk cracked concrete while his
granddaughter jumps rope on the shady

walk below. Fifty years in this house and the rats
still scurry about the driveway and alley, the drunks
piss almost where they stand. Not many

neighbors left from when they first moved in,
a young Filipino couple with three mostly
obedient boys. Lolo lifts weights, cleans the bathrooms,

drives his sons crazy in the kitchen until they scream
go sit down. Every now and then, he sees her, Lola,
gone these 15 years. She hovers over the stove

whispering recipes, stirring up pots, kneading dough
for ensemadas. He entreats us be careful, tells us
when he sees her or the Pope floating down the stairs.


Heather Lynne Davis earned a B.A. in English from Hollins University and an M.A. in creative writing from Syracuse University. She is the author of The Lost Tribe of Us, which won the 2007 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award. Her poems have appeared in Cream City Review, Gargoyle, Poet Lore, Puerto del Sol, and Sonora Review. She used to live in D.C. but somehow ended up in the boonies of Front Royal, VA with her husband, the poet José Padua, and their daughter. With her husband, she writes the blog Shenandoah Breakdown at http://shenandoahbreakdown.wordpress.com.


Published in Volume 11, Number 4, Fall 2010.


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