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The Hill Rag
Capitol Community News, August 2012

The Literary Hill by Karen Lyon

Those Poetic Feds

The spring issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly is devoted entirely to poems by current or former employees of the U.S. government writing about their work experiences.  “Fingering the Past” is the exquisite offering from Hill poet Patricia Gray, who writes eloquently about sitting in the rare book room of the Library of Congress with an ancient illuminated manuscript.  “How quickly they/sift away—chips of paint from a medieval/book once held to the breast of a noblewoman…” she writes.  “What damage we sometimes do!”

Carol J. Jennings writes poignantly of an “Office Suicide”: “so unlike you to leave early…”  Pamela Murray Winters recalls 9/11 and the grim preparations we took to “Shelter in Place.”  And you don’t have to have worked for the Federal government to appreciate the satiric humor of A.B. Spellman’s “Meeting.”

More than two dozen writers share their poetic vision of what co-editor Michael Gushue calls “the niches and pockets of civil serve…and the interstices to be found in work, and work’s aftermath.”  Check them out at http://www.beltwaypoetry.com.


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