Kimberly L. Becker



Memorial Day
And workers
Unfurl Tyvek House Wrap
They ascend ladders
And tack the wrap up
Until the house is wrapped
Like a Christo project

Instead of a cook-out
They cook in long pants and work boots
The sun gilds their labors

Remember, O Country,
Those who have fallen
From ladders in service of others
Those whose sacrifice goes unsaluted
Those unknowns entombed in the dream
Miles as they are
From Arlington

Kimberly L. Becker’s poems appear in 2River, Borderlands, Ghoti Magazine, and Umbrella, as well as in Letters to the World, an anthology of contemporary women’s poetry (Red Hen Press). She has held a state fellowship in fiction (NJ) and her short fiction has appeared in Parting Gifts. She holds degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill (BA in English with highest honors in creative writing, MA in German) and Virginia Theological Seminary (MDiv). A Southerner of European and Cherokee descent, she has lived in the Washington metro area for the last ten years.


Published in Volume 8, Number 4, Fall 2007.