Dehejia Maat



Draw a circle
Surrounded by yellow
and orange candles

Toenails painted honey
Lips painted caramel
Lined with chocolate

Get on knees
Pray to the sun
Say he's the only one

He's the only one

Get high off the brandy in the cabinet
The same one that's inside
The windows to his soul

Steal kisses from him
While he sleeps
Purchase poppy nectar and scatter it round the house

Scent skin with Orchids
Float rose petals in rainwater
See pink glowing around and around

Love flowing through out
Hands must trace eights in the sand
This is my blind faith

Waking up from the dizziness
It's ruling the world
After he came

possible to cry
For something other than sadness

Open up wings
Drop water from the sky
Wrap self

in a siren’s blue song
Feeling every beat
As if it were my own

Stand out in the rain
Call the Spirits down

Throw candle fire
Into the cauldron
Circle round yourself

Around waist
Tasting skin
Closing eyes

Unfold like purple roses
In the warm breath of spring
Passion is here

Capture salted water
The shape of his fingers
Mix with smoke
And my lips

Light every candle
Sage burning in a black seashell
It's heavy

This is the last boat across the sky
set sail last night
No longer locked away

Sleeping among blue butterflies
And plant purple bamboo
Hold tight

After the amber smokes settles
Throw stones till they hit the bottom of the well
Call his spirit close t

Raising the warm death

Now we’re gonna walk barefoot
Thru sand
Roots in you now
You ain’t going nowhere

photo by Thomas Sayers Ellis


Like mumbo sauce on chicken
we was supposed to be inseparable

You the unfortunate aspect
no reflection of me

Always speaking truth
dig it

Brotha so deep
me standing... you sit

Cafe Brotha
poetic cafe frequent customer

jive turkey ass
Shivery divorced

They all be talking bout Reparations/being wronged/ Muata Baruka/
Devils/Bum knees/ the hot pants that big legged sistah wore/ smoking trees

Mean while
Other worldly phenomena like
Interracial daters give you the chills

oh no/ how could he/ how could she/ dats some shit right der/ be fallin outta
your mouth...circles upon circles you've passed through still ain't found the 1

Me the symmetrist
to your parallel lines

And I'm still standing while you riding

Oh no

Didn’t have to hold the door/pick up the tab/let me pass/ pump my gas/
trying to pimp me for a dollar... no I don't want my window washed

Chaos here
We/no harmony

Don’t want this truth any longer


Dehejia Maat is a poet, actress, yogi, and vocalist, a deep-rooted original Earth woman who greets the dawn chanting while doing Surya Namaskar. She is the theater director for the Dragon Box Theater in Washington, DC and the hostess for the Innneractive Jam Session, a weekly event for artists to transcend the norm at the Artmosphere Cafe. She has graced stages from the Kennedy Center to local clubs on Historic U street, rocking mics from Japan to Toronto. She is co-Creator of the "No Goddess Left Behind" writers' workshop and Yoga teacher for Mayor Fenty’s "Step up to Health" program. Her current projects are The Joy of Billie Holiday, an original one-woman show and The Yes that Leads to Infinity, her second book poetry.


Published in Volume 10:2, Spring 2009.