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Other Web Sites Devoted to DC-Area Poets



Paul Haenel
Bio and photo by the author of Farewell, Goodbye, Wave Goodbye.

Donald Hall
Academy of American Poets site contains a photo, bio, bibliography, 7 poems, and 3 essays by the former US Poet Laureate. The Poetry Foundation site includes photo, bio, bibliography, 10 poems, articles.

Saskia Hamilton
The author of As for Dream was born in DC and formerly served as Director of Literary Programs for the Folger Shakespeare Library. She now teaches at Kenyon College. This site, sponsored by the Academy of American Poets, features a short bio, photo, and 3 poems.

O.B. Hardison, Jr.
Bio, photo, and poem by the former Professor at Georgetown University, Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library, and author of Pro Musica Antiqua.

Suzan Shown Harjo
Wikipedia page on the poet, journalist, and activist includes bio, photo, and links.

Yona Harvey
Fishouse page includes 5 audio files on the former DC resident, now living in Pittsburgh.

Robert Hass
Photo, bio, bibliography, and 17 poems, by the former US Poet Laureate (1995-97), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. Modern American Poetry site includes photo, bio, essays, interviews, links.

Robert Hayden
Photo, bio, and 6 poems, by the former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1976-78), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. Modern American Poetry site includes photo, bio, essays, and links.

Anthony Hecht
First site sponsored by the Academy of American poets; contains a bio, photo, 3 poems (2 with audio), a video, and links. Second site , from Modern American Poetry, includes photo, bio, essays, links.

Essex Hemphill
Bio, photo, poems, and rememberances of the poet and activist, and author of Ceremonies, sponsored by the University of Colorado.

Melanie Henderson
Bio, publications, readings, by the author of Elegies for New York Avenue and Managing Editor of TIdal Basin Review.


Daniel Hoffman
Photo, bio, and poem by the former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1973-74).

Frank Smith Horne
Bio on the poet and member of President Roosevelt's Black Cabinet. Sponsored by the DC Public Library web site.

Langston Hughes
Hughes lived in DC for only one year and four months during the 1920s, working as the Assistant to historian Carter G. Woodson, then later as a busboy at the Wardman Park Hotel (now the Marriott in Woodley Park). Although only a short-term resident, DC made a strong enough impression on Hughes to inspire his 1926 volume of poems Fine Clothes to the Jew, about the African-American neighborhood centered around 7th St. NW. On the Academy of American Poets site, bio, photo, 13 poems, bibliography, more links. Second site, courtesy of the Library of Congress, includes a web cast, essays, photos, views of original typescripts of poem drafts, links to the library's holdings, links to other web sites, and a bibliography.

Esther Iverem
Bio, photo, and poem by a journalist, editor, and poet, sponsored by Seeing Black.

Josephine Jacobsen
Bio and 12 poems by the former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1971-73), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation.

Bernie Jankowski
Bio, photo,2 poems, and ordering information for The Bullfrog Does Not Imagine New Towns. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Randall Jarrell
Photo, bio, 5 poems, bibliography, links; sponsored by the Poetry Society of America. Second site, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation, includes a photo, bio, and 5 poems. Although Jarrell, author of The Woman at the Washington Zoo, lived in this area only briefly, he was a very active member of the literary community, and served as Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress from 1956-58.

Thomas Jefferson
The 3rd US President was a great lover of poetry. The Library of Congress reprints one of his original poems on their web site.

Rod Jellema
Bio, photo, 2 poems, readings schedule, reviews, and contact information, on the author of A Slender Grace and Incarnality.

Brandon D. Johnson
Bio, photo and 3 poems by the author of Man Burns Ant.

Dan Johnson
Bio, photo, 2 poems, an interview, and 4 audio files of the author reading, plus ordering info for Come Looking. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Georgia Douglas Johnson
Bio, photo, and critical essays on the author of The Heart of a Woman and Bronze. Johnson lived for over 50 years at 1461 S St. NW, site of "one of the greatest literary salons of the Harlem Renaissance." First link sponsored by the Modern American Poets site. Second sponsored by the DC Public Library site. Third site offers an essay (with links to poems) from the Academy of American Poets on how Johnson and other women poets suffered from the "Double Bind" of being both female and African American.

Robert Underwood Johnson
Wikipedia page for the US diplomat and author of 8 books of poems.

Joy Jones
Contact info, books, profiles of other teachers and writers, by the author of Private Lessons and Tambourine Man.

Beth Joselow
3 poems, sponsored by the DC Poetry web site.

Jacqueline Jules
Photo, bio, book titles, and a calendar of events for this poet, prolific children's book author and librarian.

Holly Karapetkova
Bio, photo, video, poems, and interview, by the author of Words We Might One Day Say and professor at Marymount University. Sponsored by Washington Writers' Publishing House.

Dolores Kendrick
Wikipedia page on the author of Woman of Plums and Poet Laureate of DC.

David Keplinger
Photo, bio, one poem, from the American University professor and author of The Prayers of Others.

Francis Scott Key
Good bio of the lawyer and author of "The Star Spangled Banner."

Scott Kirkpatrick
NPR obituary on the top-scoring poet on the 2000 DC Slam Team, who died while serving in the US Army in the Iraq War. Also includes two audio poems.

Peter Klappert
Wikipedia page the author of The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty and GMU faculty member.

Ted Kooser
Bio and 11 poems on the former US Poet Laureate (2004-06) sponsored by the Poetry Foundation.

Maxine Kumin
Web site for the former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1981-82), contains photos, bio, poems, essays, interviews, contact information. Photo, bio, and 9 poems, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation on the second site.

Stanley Kunitz
Photo, bio, and 4 poems, by the former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1974-76 and 2000-01), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. Second site from Harvard Square Library includes bio, photo, and one poem.

Michael Lally
Biography, photo, and upcoming events from the poet, actor, and co-founder of Some of Us Press.

W.F. Lantry
Bio and sample poems by the author of The Language of Birds.

Joseph Lapp
Web site includes poems, photos, art, bio, links, and the Kenilworth Project, a history of the DC neighborhood where the author was raised.

Hiram Larew
2 poems by the author of Part Of. Sponsored by the DC Poetry web site.

Mary Ann Larkin
Bio, photo, poems, books, reviews, by the author of The Coil of the Skin and co-author of The DNA of the Heart.

Tara Laskowski
A fiction writer who also occasionally publishes poetry and nonfiction, Laskowski is senior editor of SmokeLong Quarterly.

Judith Laura
Poems and links by the Kensington-based poet and novelist, tarot reader, and intepreter of Goddess spirituality.

Barbara Lefcowitz
Bio, photo, and poem by the author of Queen of Lost Baggage and The Politics of Snow. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Nathan Leslie
Bio, photo, book info, upcoming readings, and reprints of stories, poems, essays, reviews, and interviews, by the fiction editor of The Pedestal and editor-in-chief of The Potomac, based in Fairfax, VA.

Vladimir Levchev
One poem and a bio, sponsored by ArLiJo Magazine.

Philip Levine
Bio, photo, and poems by the US Poet Laureate (2011-12).

Lyn Lifshin
Author's web site includes photos, events, bookstore, reviews, links, and many poems.

Toni Asante Lightfoot
Photos, bio, one poem, and links from the former DC resident and organizer of the Blackout Arts Collective, now living in Chicago.

Gary Lilley
Bio, essay, contact information, sponsored by Cune Press.

Abraham Lincoln
The US President also tried his pen at verse. Some of his poems are reprinted on the Library of Congress web site.

Reb Livingston
Bio, photos, poetry blog, links, book purchasing information and 10 poems by the Reston-based poet and editor of the on-line journal No Tell Motel.

Chris Llewellyn
Wikipedia page on the author of The Steam Dummy and Fragments from the Fire.

Robert Lowell
Bio and 10 poems, by the former Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress (1947-48), sponsored by the Poetry Foundation.

Herb Lowrey
Bio, books, calendar, and links for the author of Heart River Undertow, also known as Hubito.

Bruce MacKinnon
Bio, photo, and two poems by the author of Mystery Schools.

Archibald MacLeish
Sites dedicated to the poet who was also Librarian of Congress for 5 years, and Director of the War Department's Office of Facts and Figures during WWII. MacLeish is the author of, among other titles, Conquistador, and J.B. First contains bio, photo, bibliography, links, 2 poems; sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. Second site has a photo and 12 poems, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation.

Haki Madhubuti
Photos, bio, and bibliography, on the former Howard University faculty member and author of We Walk The Way of the New World and Black Pride. First site sponsored by Chickenbones. Second site is a Wikipedia page, with bio and links.

James Madison
The 4th US President wrote poems while in college. You can read a sample on the Library of Congress web site.

Elaine Magarrell
Photo, bio, and ordering information for On Hogback Mountain. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Tonya Maria Matthews
Poems, photos, calendar, bio, links, by the author of The Legend of Afrodite and Still Swingin': New and Selected Poems from These Hips.

C.M. Mayo
Author website includes photos, bio, interviews, book info, events in English and Spanish by the author, translator, and publisher of Tameme Chapbooks.

David McAleavey
Interview with the author of Huge Haiku, sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.

Richard McCann
Bio, book information, photos, reading schedule, interview, and contact information on the author of Ghost Letters and Mother of Sorrows, and co-director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at The American University.

Eugene McCarthy
Five poems by the former US Senator (D, Minn.) and Presidential candidate (1968). Also his Wikipedia page.

Jeffrey McDaniel
Photo, bio, and 2 articles by the author of Alibi School and former DC resident, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation.

Gwyn McVay
6 poems by a former DC resident, sponsored by the DC Poetry web site.

Tony Medina
Bio, links, and book information on the author of Emerge & See, and professor of English at Howard University.

William Meredith
Photo, bio, and 7 poems the author of Partial Accounts and Effort at Speech. Meredith was also Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress from 1978 to 1980.

W.S. Merwin
Bio, photo, and poems by the former US Poet Laureate (2010-11).

Douglas Messerli
5 poems by the publisher of Sun & Moon Press and former DC resident.

E. Ethelbert Miller
Biography, poem, articles,blog, links to order books, and contact information for the author of Whispers Secrets & Promises and Director of the African-American Resource Center at Howard University. Second site, from Washington Writers Publishing House, includes an interview and 5 audio files of the author reading his poems.

Joaquin Miller
Bio and selected poems by the "Poet of the Sierras" who built a log cabin on Meridian Hill (on what is now Malcolm X Park in DC) and shocked proper Washingtonians with rough tales of the California frontier. His cabin, now moved to Rock Creek Park, is the site of a summer poetry series sponsored by the Word Works Press and the National Park Service, coordinated by Jacqueline Potter. Though dated, his poems are of historical interest. Site sponsored by the Central California Poetry Journal.

Laura Minning
Brief bio, photos, audio, and book ordering information by the author of Sunburst.

Samuel Miranda
Poems, paintings, artist's statement, and contact information, sponsored by Tres Raices Arts.

Honor Moore
Former DC resident and author of Red Shoes and Darling, and the memoir The Bishop's Daughter. Site includes photos, bio, book info, events, and links.

Elisabeth Murawski
Photo, bio, and ordering information for Moon and Mercury. Sponsored by Washington Writers Publishing House.