Katy Richey


It’s aglow in this place.
So much that the air sizzles
and the sound rises
from somewhere below the floor,
floats upward and lingers
below the canopy ceiling.

A woman’s orange hair
blocks my view.
Two songs ago her feet
were planted firmly on the ground.
Now they kick and scream,
reaching out toward a little boy
with yellow buttons and a lean man
whose hands clasp behind his back.

it’s hard to breathe here.
But only a mild suffocation
like when someone you adore
stands too close,
or when you wake with no memory
of the dreams you’ve had,
just a slight uncertainty that sways
along with the voices
and the tambourine.


Katy Richey
has performed her poetry at a number of area venues including the 2006 Capital Book Festival and on the show "On the Margin" on WPFW 89.3 FM. She teaches English in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Published in Volume 8, Number 4, Fall 2007.


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