Fall 2006

Interviews and Essays

Introduction by Kim Roberts

In eight essays and interviews, poets and scholars help reveal DC's literary history, from authors whose work should be better known to those who have served in that most public of positions: The US Poet Laureate. This special issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly is part of an occasional history series, started with The Memorial Issue (Fall 2003), in which we celebrate poets with strong ties to Washington, DC.

As models, as mentors, these poets shine a light on the pathway before us.

For their guidance and suggestions on this issue, I thank Sarah Browning, Beth Joselow, Merrill Leffler, Barbara Simon, Elisavietta Ritchie, Libbie Rifkin, Kenny Carroll, Richard Peabody, and Brian Gilmore.


Table of Contents

Three DC Editors: Profiles of Caresse Crosby, William F. Claire, and Merrill Leffler
by Richard Peabody

In the Magnificent Region of Courage: An Interview with Louise Glück
by Grace Cavalieri

Leda in Red Sneakers: A Remembrance of Mona Van Duyn
by Andrea Carter Brown

Just Like Old Times: An Interview with Ed Cox
by E. Ethelbert Miller

Smoke in a House on Fire: A Profile of Gloria Oden
by Julia A. Galbus

Robert Sargent: Remembering a Friend and Poet
by Hastings Wyman

Cloaked Silences in Reetika Vazirani's Poetry
by Jane Alberdeston Coralin

Poet, Translator, and International Man of Intrigue: The Rod Smith Interview
by Daniel Gutstein