Jeneva Stone



         .......   /not/ a solid monoxide form of carbon metabolism
tailpipes hissing dark emissions oil rigs spigots thrusting numbly
in earth's bowels body politic
                                     .       .    /you shall/ rise from the sand
impregnable tower
                          .       /and/ I am a pore corporal private major
military action pouring crude into dead windpipes soldier                                                                                      ........................................................./drink
me and live/ animated by carbon dioxide blown from our elected
mechanical head lips babbling waste words
for you/ all of us chattering heads decapitated run over arms
blown off forgotten action figures in a sandbox
                                                                        ..  /this is my
body/ thrown in ecstasy anger plain disregard and land posed
awkwardly akimbo while the trains in spain pass by again
passengers avert their eyes
                                            /judge/ from yesterday's atrocity
stare at the curled open lips metallic pursings mouths widened
after blowing fiery kisses upward toward what in the tiny
particulate matter of the atmosphere
                                                       ..     /want not/ bombs or
farts a chain of them who put the id in charge
                                                                    /be .......judged/
made jokes the smell the smell our bodies turned inside outward
government sausages extruded
                                               /eat me and die/
                                                                      we are mulched



Jeneva Stone lives in Bethesda, Maryland, where she does volunteer work for Alice James Books, among other things. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the following journals: The New Hampshire Review, Colorado Review, and Tigertail: A South Florida Annual


Published in Volume 7, Number 2, Spring 2006.