Andrea Wyatt



An early fogbank shrouds the river's surface
stilled, the tidal aspects of its flow,
across, horizon line obscured and secret,
the cormorants are diving down deep below,

For bony fish and river shrimp, concealed
in the muddy bottoms of the Anacostia's river's flow,
snapped up in triumph by hard, black beaks,
the cormorants are diving down deep below;

Ascendant, they fly together, then
land on pilings rotting down deep below,
slow, the Anacostia's river flow,
spread full out their wide, black wings
to dry in gradual brightening glow.

Andrea Wyatt was born in Brooklyn and now lives in Washington, DC with her husband, bookseller Lansing Sexton. She works at the University of the District of Columbia. Her books of poems include Three Rooms (Oyez Press, 1970), Poems of the Morning, Poems of the Storm (Oyez Press, 1973), Founding Fathers: Book One (LLanfair Press, 1976), The Movies (Jawbone Press, 1977), Jurassic Night (White Dot Press, 1980), and Baseball Nights (Renaissance Press, 1984). She is coeditor of Selected Poems by Larry Eigner (Oyez Press, 1972), Collected Poems by Max Douglas (White Dot Press, 1978), and The Brooklyn Reader (Random House/Harmony, 1994).


Published in Volume 7, Number 3, Summer 2006.