Donna Coleman



My pictures are narrative and largely autobiographical, based on my own

life experiences or those I have observed in the lives of others. I look for

the simplest way to tell stories, and try to find moments of external activity

that indicate what might be happening internally.

Naked Mole Rats
1998, oil on canvas

-Naked Mole Rats is about my watching some children's reactions to seeing
these creatures at the zoo. I like to go to the zoo and watch people watching animals.


Death of a 15-year old
1998, oil on paper

-Death of a 15 Year Old is based on a real news item that happened in
Washington DC in the last 10 years. A boy from one side of town came
through Rock Creek Park and shot a boy from the other side of town who
was raking leaves in the front yard of his home.


Blythe's Birth

-Blythe's Birth Announcement is just that, the announcement for the birth of
my daughter. I tried to imagine what she would look like, but fortunately,
the real person exceeded my wildest and happiest dreams.

1998, oil on canvas

-Once, in New York City, I saw some UFOs.