Exhibition at ArtFare - 45 Walls Gallery in Tucson, AZ

Architecture of Dreams
Paintings 2008-2010

January 28 - February 28, 2010
Closing Reception: Saturday, Feb. 27, 6-9 pm
with jazz/R&B by Shakybones


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We build our reality in the rational light of day, but how solid are our constructions when they ignore our hidden selves, our unacknowledged dreams?  These paintings are an attempt to bring two (seemingly) opposing worlds together, and in so doing, to open a space for mystery.“ – Kathy Keler

In late February, 2009, visual artist Kathy Keler arrived in Tucson from Washington DC, and soon connected up with Artfare, the non-profit arts group located in the 6th Ave block across from the Ronstadt Transit Center.   She entered into an artist-in-residence arrangement with the group, and started working in one of the studios at No. 45, behind the storefront “45 Walls” Gallery.  The works she is now exhibiting were created in Washington and Tucson, and partly in Montreal, where she spent the summer. 

Keler’s work is an investigation of the expressive possibilities of a limited palette, and a small vocabulary of simple forms, with the goal of taking the viewer below the surface, to a thoughtful and meditative space.

In conjunction with the exhibit, Keler will be offering 3 free painting workshops to the community, on the theme of “Geometry and Spontaneity”.   Advance registration for the workshops is advised can take place online or at the gallery during open hours

views of Architecture of Dreams exhibit in the ArtFare Gallery



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