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Sheila Rotner

installation/multimedia exhibit

with Ana Stella





Ana Stella

Was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There she was trainedas an architect, graduating from the School of Architecture and Urban Designof the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1974. Stella started exhibiting inBuenos Aires in 1981. Since 1989, after she moved to the United States,she has been showing in solo and group shows in Virginia and the WashingtonDC area. In her prints, works on film and metal, paintings and installations,Stella explores different aspects of change, identity and culture. In dialoguewith different materials, she discovers relationships that bring to herwork a feeling of ambiguity, paradox, elusiveness, fragmentation and impermanence. Echoes of absent and yet present images.

"Hands - Manos 4", color photo collage, 10 x 60inches,

The hand becomes a pot - the creator becomes a creation.


From left to right: "Hands - Manos 2",(Stella),"Terra Pretzels",(Stella),"Totem",(Stella), "Hands- Manos 3",(Stella), "Hands - Manos 4",(Stella), "Aloha",1000 lbs of lava rock, (collaboration).


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