Ruth Bolduan


oil on canvas 72" x I00" (I995)

My work is part of the continuum of iconoraphic significance which comprises the history of art. Painting has lead me both further East and more truly West to a composite land which is the site of art, where ancient myths and beliefs are defined. Through the power of religious passion and the erotic wisdom of classical antiquity, my work reveals its aesthetic emblem, which is Desire. I paint Neo-Byzantine Classical Pop.

Ruth Bolduan paints allegories and new histories. Operatic and ambitious, the works still maintain a kind of classic calm. They are fresh approaches to the great human issues.

Joe Shannon, Washington Project for the Arts

The brilliant colors and bold outlines of Ruth Bolduan's paintings capture the vigor and immediacy of her physical and psychological responses to our turbulent world. In the act of surrendering herself to an absolute subjectivity she has unlocked for us the innermost recesses of our being, the secrets we yearn to know but which out of timidity we postpone to a day that we hope will never arrive. Like Lear's fool or a priestess of Bacchus she utters the unspeakable or that which only those initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries may comprehend.

Ignacio Moreno, art historian

A longtime resident of the Washington, DC area, Ruth Bolduan currently lives and maintains a studio in Richmond, Va, where she is an Associate Professor in the Painting and Printmaking Department of Virginia Commonwealth University. Recent travel to Mediterranean countries and to Beijing, China has confirmed her desire to place the riches and complexities of these ancient cultures at the heart of her work.

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