Eglon Daley


Musician 61" x 61"
acrylic on canvas

"My Images include flashbacks to my homeland in Jamaica, the Jamaican culture, and my life as a resident of Washington, DC. My primary objective in my work is to create an atmosphere of peace, love and harmony."

People can live and work in harmony while at the same time maintaining the integrity of their ethnicity, backgrounds, and life experiences. The work of Eglon Daley is both personal expression and a public, shared process. He has chosen the human landscape--social gatherings, festivals, city streets, and public meetings--to create tableaux that celebrate the diversity and unity of contemporary experience. Eglon Daley was born in Jamaica. He traces his ancestry directly to a woman descended from the Maroons, a pocket of defiant ex-slaves, who, to this day, have kept alive most of the traditions of their ancestors and exist as an independant "mini-nation" wthin a larger culture.

Although Eglon received his formal education at Montgomery college in Takoma Park, Maryland, his interest and study of his ancestral stream shaped his distinctive style. His work may be found in private collections throuhtout the united States, Jamaica, Germany, and Spain, and in the permanent collection at the washington Convention Center. in 1994, Eglon began designing and fabricating two works: "Of the People" will be installed in the lobby of One Judiciary Square--for the DC Department of Administrative Services collection, and a series of six balustrade panels wil be rendered in porcelainized steel for the Washington National Airport New North Terminal, currently in its initial stages of construction. He has had exhibits in galleries, schools, and art spaces throughout the Washington area, including Clark and Company, Market Five Gallery, Washington Project for the Arts, Fondo Del Sol Visual Arts Center, the International Monetary Fund Gallery, The Charles Sumner School/Archives, Hood College, and Montgomery College. In addition, Eglon's work was part of a group show at the Domi Nostrae Gallery in Lyon, France. He has served on the Artists' and Education Program boards of Fondo del Sol and as artist-in-residence at Tomorrow's World Art Center. He has received awards and scholarships form the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Montgomery County Art Association, and Mongtomery County Arts Council.

Eglon Daley's works are unique in the translation of the sources of his inspiration to visual form. Working in standard sizes of paper or mural-sized canvases, he has developed his own highly stylized from. Drawing from everyday activities--a slice of life, a chat between friends, or a social funciton--he renders each scene with a fresh vision. By simplifying the forms, he captures the essence of the gestures and body positions so that a comment is made to the viewer lyrically, without words. His figures interact and describe intimate spaces and states, expressing the artist's concern for humanity and his timeless message of hope.

A selection of Eglon Daley's works

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