by Matt Dibble
video and sound installation
Designed for 8' x 10' (wall-size) projection in a darkened room, with stereo sound.

A further elaboration of the technique first used in Novus Ordo MCMXCIV, which was to collage together moving pictures and sounds sampled from TV ads, and scrolling internet pages. As in the earlier work we see the mechanised landscape, with towers, highways, and conduits in constant motion. This time there is the introduction of the human face, built from ads featuring cars, cosmetics, and detergents.

As in the experience of channel-hopping, one experiences the collision of disparate symbols and confusing messages. They have been assembled from five second recordings off the "air", and now hang together physically and temporally, constantly looping as if in suspended animation. They coalesce to form a master image of consensual reality, made up of many artificial bits.

The piece serves as a reminder that we make, but are also made by, the imaginary world of the media that increasingly surrounds us. It is an artificial world in which everything is a commodity. We grow into the people we are because of it but can't really claim ownership of it.


"Artsites96", WPA/Corcoran, 1996, (Washington D.C.'s regional biennial)

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As installation or videotape available through dockyard media

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