Laissez-Faire Productions presents another Community Performance Event
Saturday May 4, at 7:30 pm
Outdoor Potluck at 6:00 pm

Written, directed and performed by  
Tracy Brown • Jose Carrillo • Alice Dmowski • Guy Gabriel
Kathy Keler • Roscoe Mutz • Shannon Snapp • Halsy-Taylor

Dream Stories comprises a series of short performances, each realized by a different member of the group.  
Each presentation features one main performer and a dreamlike, imaginative set design.  
We have worked together on shaping each other’s sketches, including both the writing and the set creation.  
If you are interested in attending, volunteering, or would like more information, please contact

If we work we cannot dream, and wisdom comes in dreams.
Adapted from Smolholla, a Chief of the Great Basin tribe of Nez Percé

Dream Stories is a project of Laissez-Faire Productions
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