Richard L. Dana


mixed media on paper, 18" x 13" (1998)

Richard L. Dana is a self-taught painter who has been exhibiting extensively in the United States and overseas for the past twelve years. His work has appeared in 18 one-person and over 60 group exhibitions. Mr. Dana received a master's degree in International Relations from Johns Hopkin's School of Advanced International Studies in 1977 and worked as an economist and Soviet Affairs expert in Washington, D.C. from 1977 to 1984. Having spen tmuch of his free time painting since preparatory school, he decided in 1984 to turn this increasingly passionate pastime into a full-time career andhas been creating art ever since.

Recent solo shows of Mr. Dana's work have occurred at the Troyer, Fitzpatrick, Lassman Gallery, (which represents him in Washington, DC), The A-3 Galleryand the New Jerusalem Museum in Moscow, Russia, at the 17th Annual CulturalFestival in Asilah, Morocco, and at School 33 in Baltimore, Maryland; he has an upcoming exhibit at the International Monetary Fund in Washington,DC (June, 1996). Recent notable group exhibit venues include: the Corcoran Museum's regional biennial (Washington, DC) where he was a featured artist; the Chrysler Museum's regional biennial (Norfolk, Virginia); the Washington Project for the Arts; Maryland Art Place (Baltimore); the Drawing Center(New York, New York); and the International Sculpture Center (Washington,DC).

Mr. Dana's art is an inquiry into dualities: the spirit and the flesh; emotion and reason; spontaneity and order; the abstract and the concrete .In identifying these black and white poles, he is particularly interested in the more colorful grey regions in between, where humanity lives.

Mr. Dana's work is as much about form as it is about content; his work strives to achieve a balance between the two. All work begins as an abstract field into which are introduced concrete Images. It is art for which processis critical.

Mr. Dana's paintings are created using a wide variety of media. Experimentationin the application and combination of different media is a constant. A given work may include a combination of several of the following media: oil, alkyd,acrylic, latex, and enamel paint; printer's ink; ink; wood stain; fabricdye; bleach; shellac; glue; charcoal; pastel; graphite; colored pencil;and collage. All work is varnished for purposes of conservation. More of Mr. Dana's art can be seen at these web sites: and

A selection of Richard Dana's works:

works on paper, 1998

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