Rosemary Klein


In the Museum of My Own Being

The word palimpsest
is propped against
the word violet.
You will notice
where the shadow falls.

The geometric motif
in my thoughts
can be traced
back 7000 years.

“Too Complex”
Bound words, wrapped
words, warped weathered
words, tar, wire.

“Difficult Abrasion”
Words bound
to composite wood.
Tree gum, floss,
steel and glass.

“Mock Conversation”
Buried words,
plexiglas sheeting.

“Accidental Desire”
Oak wood, mahogany
words, Persian
rug, split arrows.

I often don’t name
a piece until after
I’m done with it.

My words join
your words
in an interview.

I am receiving
grants and fellowships,
becoming famous.

I travel abroad
encountering influences
and influenza.

“The Language of Knotted”
Gypsum, rope.

Rosemary Klein is the founding editor of Three Conditions Press and executive director of the Maryland State Poetry & Literary Society. Her chapbook The Absolute Heart was published by New Spirit Press. Recent poems have appeared in Manorborn, Poems Against the War, Delaware Poetry Review, and the anthologies Octopus Dreams ( and Intimate Kisses: The Poetry of Sexual Pleasure (New World Library).


Published in Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2009.


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