poetry quarterly

10th anniversary

Volume 13:1, Winter 2012


by Francisco Aragón, Guest Editor

Table of Contents

Andre Yang, Why I Feel the Way I Do About SB 1070

Roberto Vargas, Solitude of Diaspora

Dorianne Laux, Nearly Free

Regie Cabico, Mango Poem

Barbara Jane Reyes, My California

Sarah Browning, Step Crushing on the Wild Thyme

Oscar Bermeo, the ice worker lives

Susan Deer Cloud, He Told Me

Hedy Treviño, A Poem Dedicated to My Grandfather, José García

Juan Felipe Herrera, busman

Odilia Galván Rodríguez, Los Santos Gitanos

Pamela Uschuk, 2011, The Year of the Metal Rabbit

Abel Salas, Chook Son, Arizona

Luis Alberto Ambroggio
, US Landscapes/Paisajes de los Estados Unidos

Dan Vera, If You Want to Purify America's Textbooks of Ethnic Studies

Marilyn Nelson, Honor Guard

Joseph Ross, If You Leave Your Shoes

Carmen Gimenez Smith, Have You Made Anything

Luis J. Rodríguez, Piece by Piece

Tara Betts, Gunfire & Snowfall

Randall Horton, For All Those Who Benefitted from Slaves and the So-Called Illegal Alien

Francisco X. Alarcón, Whale Songs

Carmen Calatayud, An Offering of Strength

Martín Espada, Isabel's Corrido

Rich Villar, Always Here

Aracelis Girmay, English Class

This special issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly is co-sponsored by Letras Latinas, a program of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame.